Chair of the Health Equity Team for Family Medicine for America’s Health 2015-2018

The Health Equity Team was charged with collaborating with primary care organizations, medical schools across the United States, and other stakeholders to reduce health disparities and increase health equity.

The Health Equity Tactic Team approached the challenge by:

Working with the other six FMAHealth Tactic Teams to identify ways to keep health disparities and health equity front and center in their work.

Engaging multiple stakeholders in order to coordinate and amplify the voice of all who are working to reduce health disparities and improve health equity.

Addressing the challenge of increasing the social accountability of Family Medicine and other Primary Care organizations across the United States.

Leading STARFIELD II: HEALTH EQUITY SUMMIT, highlighting primary care’s role in addressing health equity

Creating a Health Equity Toolkit to provide a framework for teaching health equity and educating learners on social determinants of health and the impact of disparities on health outcomes.

Developing a business case for health equity – clearly identifying tangible economic benefits that result from reducing the level of chronic, preventable health conditions that come about due to health disparities – that can be adapted to engage multiple stakeholder organizations.

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