Fighting for Community Health

Fighting for Policy Change in North Carolina and the US

Representing Family doctors at Global settings.

Advocacy, for me, is listening to community voices, understanding the situation, and getting busy to adress systems’ change to support healthier, more fulfilled lives.


LATIN-19 (Latinx Advocacy Team & Interdisciplinary Network for COVID-19)​,

LATIN-19 is an interdisciplinary, multi-sector coalition that works to address health disparities within the Latina community. LATIN-19 are able to provide a critical space for leaders and allies of the Latina community in North Carolina to create collaborative and interdisciplinary solutions in a trusting and committed environment.

At LATIN-19’s weekly meeting, members discuss challenges, needs, and opportunities facing the Latina community, and propose changes in systems and policies for the improvement of health and the promotion of health equity. Click here to learn more.

AAFP – Summit for Health Equity

I’ve have had the great opportunity to help lead various summits, with the AAFP, including the Family Medicine Advancing Health Equity workshops.

“In our DNA runs the desire to be person-centered, to take care of people of all ages and all life circumstances, to be accountable to our communities, to improve community and population health, to be engaged leaders, to provide continuous, integrated and whole person-oriented care. For many of us, family medicine became our vehicle for social justice and health equity.” – Dr. Viviana Martinez-Bianchi

US Congress – House Committee for Committee on Education and Labor

In September 2021, I had the opportunity to offer testimony to members of the US House of Representatives on the work done by grass-roots organizations in conjunction with primary care to address social determinantes of health impacting our comunidades latinamericanas in the United States. These factors influencing health are at the center of what it means to be a Family doctor and why they are so important to address in policy change. Click here to view more.

WHO Advocacy –

As WONCA-WHO Liaison I have been representing WONCA to the World Health Organization World Health Assembly and Executive Board meetings since 2016. In adition I have represented WONCA to some of the United Nations’ high level meetings, with my first representation in 2011 to the High Level Meeting on Non-comunicable Diseases. You can read some of my reports in the WONCA and WHO News session, and a more personal view here.